Vykon Health are leaders in HTMA testing & mineral balance.

Led by innovative health practitioners, researchers, and educators we are constantly creating, implementing, and assessing what’s next in the field of mineral balance, not only for humans, but for animals too.   Utilizing  HTMA, a non-invasive diagnostic test, as the basis of the sought after Foundation Mineral Protocol.  Based on science and research, this protocol has helped thousands of humans and animals erase debilitating symptoms, regain energy and enhance longevity.  

Minerals truly are the foundation of health.  Our focus is to provide our clients with the best customized support for those building blocks and in complicated, multi-symptom cases we offer additional a la carte diagnostic testing to look deeper into issues.  By using mineral balance as the first step to healing, other protocols may not be necessary.  From those that are looking to increase performance, to those that have complicated symptoms, mineral balance can support the body’s foundation and act as a blueprint to the beginning of any health journey.   

Foundation Mineral Protocol

Vykon Health’s Foundation Mineral Protocol was created from years of working with HTMA and mineral balance.  It is a cutting edge formula to erase debilitating symptoms, regain energy and promote anti-aging.  Minerals truly are the foundation of health and this protocol can support the base of any health journey, bringing us back to basics.  This protocol is not like the others; it includes Lisa’s proprietary and groundbreaking “custom powders” which are created specifically based on an individual or animal’s HTMA data, by Vykon Labs.  These powders not only bring simplicity back into life with ease of use with just one to two servings per day, but provide the body with everything needed to support mineral deficiencies as well as the removal of toxicities, which ultimately leads to life changing results.  This line of supplements, based on HTMA testing, are used all over the world by thousands of consumers, health professionals, dogs, cats and horses.  Supporting the foundation of health is the key to living a long and healthy life.

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