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Hind Al Khulaifi


Hind Al Khulaifi is a mother of 5 children who always had a high interest in learning about how the body and mind works. Passionate about serving her community, she held different positions in non-for profit entities, working in education and dedicating efforts towards family development initiatives. She recently gained her masters in Public Policy, aiming one day to positively impact policies related to creating resilient communities.

After having her 5th child, Hind noticed she did not regain her energy like her previous births. It was hard to get through the day and attend to the different responsibilities related to the family and work, two roles she loved very much. Society around her told her it was normal to reach the age of 30 and start to feel tired, especially as a working mother. With the strike of the pandemic in 2018, mental health struggles were also increasing around her. Doctors told her blood work was within range and she could be experiencing psychosomatic symptoms, but Hind was not convinced and continued to search for answers to her unexplained draining condition. She stumbled across the HTMA and tested herself to discover she was suffering from extreme adrenal burnout and copper toxicity. Intrigued at how accurately the HTMA was able to explain both her physical and mental symptoms, she studied to become a practitioner and has been supporting herself, her family and other clients to regain the power of their mind and body ever since. 

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